General Surgery

Diabetes & Endocrinology

Our Cardiology Department specializes in a unique Japanese theraphy called WAON Therapy. This therapy is designed to treat those who suffer from chronic heart problems. Our general surgery Departement specializes in general abdominal procedures. We actively work together with other surgeons to perform special procedures according to our patients needs. Our Diabetes & Endocrinology Departement specializes in treating diabetes and provides patient education. We focus on helping our patients balance their diet and give guidance to them about their condition.

Cardiovascular Surgery


Emergency Medical Services

Our Cardiovascular Surgery Departments has a great reputation and is well known for its performance in coronary bypass surgery. our surgical procedures ad treatments have been published in various medical journals. Our Pathology Department performs biopsies for cancer and other various diseases. In most cases the diagnosis from the pathologist determines the method of treatment. Our Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone seeking treatment for an urgent medical problem.




Our radiology Department is highly skilled and specializes in mammography and IVR diagnostic imaging. We focus on getting results that are quick and accurate to treat patients effectively. Our Neurology Department specializes in the latest techniques and procedures to cure and treat a number of neurological disorders. We strive to provide superior care to patients. Our Oncology Department specializes in breast cancer and reduction procedures. Discovering the early onset of cancer is essential to providing optimal surgical options.




Our Anesthesiology Department is extremely experienced and works together with our other surgery departments to minimize any chance of health problems. Our Gynecology Department provides a caring environment for female patients, specializing in treating a variety of everyday conditions. Our Gastroenterology Department provides the latest and best in endoscopic treatment that allows for quality care. Safety and quality are a high priority in the way we serve our patients.

Thoracic Surgery

Plastic Surgery


Our Thoracic Surgery specializes in the latest techniques in the removal, treatment, and prevention of cancers and lung disease. We have recently opened a plastic surgery department. Our Hematology Department provides the latest and best in treatment for blood conditions. Our staff of professionals will eagerly work to provide a solution for you.


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