General Surgery

Diabetes & Endocrinology

Our Cardiology Department specializes in a unique Japanese theraphy called WAON Therapy. This therapy is designed to treat those who suffer from chronic heart problems. Our general surgery Departement specializes in general abdominal procedures. We actively work together with other surgeons to perform special procedures according to our patients needs. Our Diabetes & Endocrinology Departement specializes in treating diabetes and provides patient education. We focus on helping our patients balance their diet and give guidance to them about their condition.


Orthopedic Surgery


Our Pulmonology Department is nationally certified to treat lung disease, cancer, asthma, pneumonia and other repiratory diseases. We use a variety of therapies and techniques to treat our patients. Our Orthopedics Department specializes in arthritis, chronic joint, spinal disease and pediatric orthopedic surgery. Using advanced equipment for treatment and rehabilitation, we offer our patients an opportunity to improve their overall health. Our Nephrology Department provides outpatient services, hospital care, and perform other special procedures such as shunt angiographies and endovascular treatments.


Neurology (stroke)


Our radiology Department is highly skilled and specializes in mammography and IVR diagnostic imaging. We focus on getting results that are quick and accurate to treat patients effectively. Our Neurology Department specializes in the latest techniques and procedures to cure and treat a number of neurological disorders. We strive to provide superior care to patients. Our Urology department specializes in treatments for prostate cancer, bladder disease and kidney stones using the latest in advanced technology.



Internal Medicine

Our Anesthesiology Department is extremely experienced and works together with our other surgery departments to minimize any chance of health problems. Our Gastroenterology Department provides the latest and best in endoscopic treatment that allows for quality care. Safety and quality are a high priority in the way we serve our patients. Our Internal Medicine Department provides the latest and best in treatment with a staff of professionals who will eagerly work to provide a solution and treatment for you.

Palliative Care



Our Palliative Care ward assists in the transition from "cure" to "care" for diseases such as cancer. We understand how important it is to provide vital care and support for our patients. Our Otolarynology Department is prepared with a variety of profesionnal medical equipment and is ready to treat patients from children to adults. Providing examinations for, and treatment of rheumatism and other diseases causing joint pain.

Outpatient Dialysis



A department where dialysis treatment is conducted due to decreased renal function. A department specializing in examining diseases related to the skin. A department that conducts rehabilitative treatments and rehabilitative training, for those suffering from disturbance of motility or a decrease in mental capabilities.

Comprehensive Diagnosis


A department that diagnoses and treats patients who present symptoms which disease can not be clearly identified.    


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