President's Message

Dr. Nobuhiko Koga

Dr. Nobuhiko Koga

Since becoming the Board Chairman of the “Tenjinkai” Medical Corporation on June 1st, 2006, I always bear in mind the Tenjinkai principle: “medical treatment that supports a rich life”.
At Koga, we are always trying to improve treatment techniques by utilizing the newest in medical equipment and facilities. We strive to improve team treatment and also group cooperation, thus improving the connections between diagnosing illness to the carrying out the necessary treatment.

Koga focuses on the newest, best and most effective treatment for our patients.

Shin Koga Hospital cleared all 532 assessment criteria of the Japan Council for Quality Health Care, therefore achieving the latest Ver.5.0 Hospital Faculty Valuation.
In addition, we were also lucky enough to receive the tile of “an emergency hospital, acting as a pillar for first-aid medical care in the local area, which never refuses those in need of first-aid.”
Furthermore we have become a clinical training hospital for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and are concentrating our efforts into new and developing doctors.

The PET Imaging Center at Koga Hospital 21 has started a Cancer Checkup that uses the fastest PET (Positron Radiation Tomography) in the non-private sector in the north of Kyūshū.
In addition, we opened the Radiotherapy Center, which introduced “TomoTherapy” (the second hospital to do so in the west of Japan after Osaka.) This is a therapy that uses concentrated modulated radiation to treat cancer without making any incisions. We have established an integrated medical system that is cutting edge all over the country, throughout every aspect of the cancer treatment stage. This is from the patient’s examination, all the way through to their treatment. The hospital also works in cooperation with our other facility, the Shin Koga Hospital, to provide rehabilitation for those in the convalescent stage of heart disease.

At the Shin Koga Clinic, which is a two-minute walk from Nishitetsu Kurume Station, the first floor offers separate examinations and health checks for men and women, a service that is especially well received by our female patients.

There is a further specialist female area that is combined with the Shin Koga Hospital 2nd floor “Ladies Floor” gynecology department, where our female patients can be seen by female doctors specializing in female surgical medicine.

In addition, on the 5th and 6th floors preliminary treatment right through to examination and consultation are all performed in private rooms in the “Digestive System (endoscope) Center.”
There is also a newly established Day-Care Rehabilitation Center for those requiring long-term care.

Furthermore, we have expanded the third floor chemotherapy room into a new, relaxing and spacious design, so that patients undergoing their treatment have a place where they can relax.
For those patients who have finished their complete medical check on the 8th floor, we built “Sky Lounge 8”, in order to relax and enjoy the view while eating.

We are striving to continue meeting the expectations of the local community, and above this, to become a hospital more deeply rooted within the area. We humbly ask for your continued support and guidance.



Nagasaki University (Graduated in 1971)

Medical Office

Kurume University Daisan Internal Medicine


  • The Japanese Circulation Society: Medical Specialist
  • The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy: Certified Physician ・Medical Instructor
  • The Japanese Society of Nephrology: Certified Medical Specialist ・Medical Instructor
  • The Japanese Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine: Medical Specialist ・Medical Instructor
  • Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics: Certified Physician ・Medical Instructor
  • Japanese Society for Apheresis: Medical Specialist
  • The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine: Certified Physician


March 1965

Graduated from Kurume University High school

March 1971

Graduated from Nagasaki University Medical Department

June 1971

Entered Kurume University Medical Department Daisan Internal Medicine office

February 1974

Koga Hospital

July 2006

Tenjinkai Medical Corporation Board Chairman