The Koga Hospital Group mainly operates three large hospitals, and various other medical care and rehabilitative facilities.


Shin Koga Hospital

Description: Shin Koga Hospital Kurume, japan

120 Tenjinmachi, Kurume City,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
TEL:0942-38-2222 (Representative)

Shin Koga Hospital is located near to the East Exit of the Nishitetsu Station, in Kurume City’s Tenjinmachi, at the intersection of Kyushu’s key roads: Routes 3, 209 and 210.
Recognized as a regional hospital for supportive medicine, Shin Koga Hospital has also been recognized in the latest Ver.5.0 Hospital Faculty Valuation.
Even among other prefectures, our facility was one of the fastest to install the latest medical technologies, such as “Cardiac CT Exams” and “Cardiac Imaging Techniques”, putting our effort in to creating a Cardiology Department with cutting edge treatment techniques.
Also, the Cardiology Department, the Department of Cardiovascular surgery and others such as the Department of Neurosurgery, the Department of Digestive Health, the Department of Respiratory Health and Surgery, the Department of Surgical Oncology and other medical departments are all locally recognized as acute care facilities.
Regarding our emergency medical care, we offer high quality emergency medical care not only in the local Chikugo area, but we are also on standby to receive patients from Saga, Oita, Kumamoto, Nagasaki and other prefectures twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.
We guarantee effective medical treatment and teamwork, with our motto: “always for the patient”.

"Through investigation into the cause of illness and our patient’s condition, we are striving to provide the people in the wider local area. “Our negligence could lead to the loss of our patients, we mustn’t let this happen”, this is what we think daily, keeping this idea fresh in our head, so we can guarantee twenty four hour a day trust for our patients."



Koga Hospital 21

Description: Shin Koga 21

3-3-8 Miyanojin, Kurume City,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

“Koga Hospital 21” was named with the determination to become the model case of a hospital pursuing 21st Century medical treatments in mind.
The hospital has been recognized in the latest Ver.6.0 Hospital Faculty Valuation. Equipped with a PET Imaging Center and also a Radiotherapy Center, the hospital also established a palliative care unit and a chemotherapy outpatient room in 2012. We utilize the most advanced Cancer Treatment system in Japan, from the time of examination and diagnosis, all the way up until treatment.
In the field of orthopedic medicine, not only in offering advanced surgery, we also offer a specialized rehabilitation building, aiming to have you home as soon as possible.
In the Hemocatharsis Center, we also aim to improve our patient’s quality of life by utilizing kinesiology during dialysis. Also, in the field of cardiology we are actively working on the rehabilitation of the heart during the patient’s recovery period, by introducing Waon therapy.
We think that in a period of pursuing real wealth, patients desire treatment, which is not only delivered with the utmost level of expertise, but also with consideration.
We desire that patients that undergo treatment at our facilities can receive the strength to recover by from the amazing environment, within our spacious and comfortable facilities, by making environmental considerations everywhere, creating a hospital that matches the natural environment.




Shin Koga Clinic

Description: Shin Koga Clinic, Kurume, Japan

The Shin Koga Clinic started business focusing mainly on dialysis outpatients on the 1 st of September 2002, the same time as Koga Hospital 21’s opening and when Koga Hospital changed its name to the Koga Clinic.
At present we provide: female outpatient, enteropathy (endoscope) center, diabetes center, foot care outpatient, chemotherapy, nursing and welfare (day-care rehabilitation, home care, home nursing) and many other expertly specialized medical departments. While cooperating with the diabetes clinic, we also provide outpatient dialysis at our 88 bed Hemocarthis Center.
Also, we boast cancer detection rates that are top-level even nationwide, offering a health management center with separate floors for men and women, where they can receive examination comfort.  The health management center also attained the Japan Ningen Dock Hospital Faculty Valuation.
Situated in a location that is convenient to travel to, we have gained the trust of our patients as a facility they cannot be with out.

106-1 Tenjinmachi, Kurume City,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
TEL:0942-35-2485 (Representative)





Koga Care Avenue

Description: Koga Care Avenue,excellent private clinic in Kurume, Japan

4 Chōme 30-10, Miyanojin, Kurume City,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
TEL:0942-38-2525 (Representative)

The “Koga Care Avenue” is a general care facility for the elderly, which was established in order to provide care with an unbroken transition between treatment and nursing.
We offer at-home-care services, day care services, elderly care homes and other nursing and welfare services within our four-floor facility.

Introducing our Organization "Medical Treatment That Supports a Rich Life"

There are three hospitals working closely together within the Koga Hospital group, each outfitted with the latest in medical facilities and equipment, striving for the advancement in medical treatment techniques. Not only team treatment, but we also are improving group cooperation and strengthening the links between understanding our patient’s condition and treating it. We aim to provide the latest, most effective and the best treatment possible treatment with our patients in mind. In addition, we also aim for medical treatment with no interruption between treatment and rehabilitation. We recently opened the “Koga Care Avenue”, a complete facility for caring for our elderly patients, offering further services in medical care and rehabilitation.


Tenjikai Social Medical Corporation

Board Chairman

Nobuhiko Koga


〒830-8577, 120 Tenjinmachi, Kurume City,Fukuoka   Prefecture, Japan

A Message From Our Chairman "Focusing on our Patients"

Description: A message from Nobuhiko Koga, Chairman of the Koga Hospital Group  

"Since becoming the “Tenjinkai” Medical Corporation Board Chairman on June 1 st , 2006, I always bear in mind the “Tenjinkai” principle of  “medical treatment that supports a rich life”.  
We are always trying to improve treatment techniques by utilizing the newest in medical equipment and facilities, not only via team treatment, but also with group cooperation, and improving the process between diagnosing illness to the necessary treatment, thus focusing on the newest, best and most effective treatment for our patients."

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Description: The Nobusuma Clinic

Nobusuma Clinic

1-9-6 Nobusuma, Kurume City,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Description: The Haru Clinic

Hebaru Clinic

1080 Kamihebaru, Tachibana Machi,
Yame City,
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan